WIPO Inventor Assistance Program

On May 28, 2019, WIPO announced a first granted patent to innovators helped by WIPO’s Inventor Assistance Program.

The Inventor Assistance Program was launched in 2016 and provides a support for inventors having a tight budget on protection their idea by formal protection, such as patents.

According to official website of WIPO, “Though many developing countries have well-functioning patent systems, local inventors often struggle to directly benefit: Indeed, patent grants by outside filers often far outnumber those to local applicants, despite a strong local innovation culture. In many of these countries, inventors with limited financial means typically represent themselves before their local patent office, rather than engaging a seasoned intellectual property (IP) professional.” (1)

There are many cases where inventor(s) alone tried to obtain a patent with unsuccessful result due to complicated system.

We are open to help inventors and enhanced an innovation ecosystem in the Czech Republic. Ask us!

1. [Online] https://www.wipo.int/iap/en/news/2019/news_0005.html.