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Bauer-IP is an Intellectual Property law firm in Europe. We focus on Patent, Design and Trademark Prosecution, Litigation, Intellectual Property Contracts, License Agreements, and Intellectual Property Management. We are professionals in technical and legal knowledge. Furthermore, we help our clients in their business needs and growth. We are especially focused on PCT prosecution (International Application), European Patent Prosecution, European Patent Validation, European Design – Registered Community Designs, European Trademark Prosecution.

Our clients are big and established firms, start-ups and individual inventors or designers.


A Patent for a new and inventive invention is the grant of an exclusivity right to the owner, issued by a Patent Office. The process starts with filing a Patent Application. Bauer-IP is helping clients with novelty search, drafting a Patent Application, filing the Patent Applications, and responding to Office Actions.

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Trademarks are indications of origin which are always connected with goods and/or services. Bauer-IP helps clients in drafting a Trademark Application covering all goods and/or services that are in client’s objectives. We are also preparing a response letter to Office Actions or responding to Opposition or Invalidation invitations by a Trademark Office.

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Registered design protects an appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation. Bauer-IP will help you with registration of the Design protecting your product in Europe. We draft, file, and prosecute your applications leading to the registration.

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Bauer-IP can oppose not validly granted or registered Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and/or Trademarks. We can also handle your infringement cases or business negotiations or license agreements.

Infringement or Opposition services

Bauer-IP can handle renewals of industrial rights. We will monitor your applications or achieved Patents, Industrial Designs or Trademarks. We can handle record changes in your cases such as Licence registration, changes in names, transfer or rights or direct representation.

IP management services

We can set IP strategy with your business need. We will defend your rights and provide you with the best solution for protection of your rights.

Consultation services

Intellectual property with Bauer-IP

Bauer-IP assists clients with legal services in protection of their Intellectual Property (IP). We have an extensive knowledge in the areas of Intellectual Property, Licensing, Litigation, and related disciplines. Bauer-IP is providing services in Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Trademarks in Europe. We are focused on prosecution as well as opposition/cancellation/invalidation and infringement proceedings.

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Portfolio of our most ordered services

International, European, and national Patent Applications and European Patent Validations, European Designs (Registered Community Design) and European Trademarks

PCT Application

Filing an International Application (PCT Application)

Formality check and prosecution

European Patent Application

Filing a European Patent Application or EURO-PCT entry

European Patent Validation

Filling a request for Validation of a European Patent in the Czech Republic

Translation of the patent specification, if requested

European Trademark

European Trademark Application Filing

Formality check and prosecution

Availability Search Report

Fast Track program included

EUTM or CZTM Opposition

Filing an Opposition or Invalidation

Formality check and prosecution

European Design

Filing a Design Application for registration of Community Design (Design patent in EU)

Formality check and prosecution

+ Novelty search, if requested

Fast Track program included

Do I need protection in Europe?

Intellectual Property applies to all original creations that result from human thought. The Rights allow creators, or owners, of Patents, Trademarks or Design works to benefit from their own work or investment in a creation. In many cases, intellectual property plays a major role in intangible assets of a company. It also provides an investment function in case of Start-ups or individual inventors or small and medium companies. According to several studies published by European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), companies using Intellectual Property protection system in Europe significantly benefit from the system. At the same time, the small and medium-size companies using protecting their Intellectual Property is high-growth company in the European Union.

Patent Protection

A patent is an exclusivity right, granted by a Patent Office, to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing an invention throughout desired territory. The owner of the Patent may license or sell the rights defined by the claims of the patent.

Trademark Protection

Trademark is a designation of origin. As well as Patents, it provides exclusivity rights to the owner. Nobody can use, sell, import, export or provide a claimed goods and/or offer services with the Trademark sign without owner permission. Trademarks can be licensed or sell.
Design Protection

Design Protection

Design protects an appearance of a product. Nobody can make, sell, import or offer the product with the same appearance, once the Design is protected.

Utility Model Protection

Utility Model is a small Patent that is often left unexamined. It provides the same exclusivity rights as Patents. It is quick, cheap but risky protection in Europe.

Should I make search?

Definitely yes!
There are plenty of reasons why clients should want to obtain a search. In case of Patents, the client may be interested if the Invention for which a Patent is sought, is novel and inventive. On the other hand, clients may want to know if the product, that is offering, is not protected by another party – in this case, a Freedom-to-operate Study is recommended. The above-mentioned applies for designs and utility models as well. In case of Trademarks, the clients should know if the sign is available for particular goods and/or services. Furthermore, European Union Intellectual Property Office do not perform a search on older Trademarks by itself. Trademark search may prevent subsequent costly dispute, opposition and invalidation. The owner of the registered Trademark should equally perform a search if anyone, who filed a Trademark application after, is trying to obtain an exclusivity rights with the same sign.

Patent Search

Novelty Search
Patent Landscape Report

Trademark search

Availability search
Infringement search

Design Search

Novelty and Individual character search

Infringement Search

Most probable infringer

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Bauer-IP is a law firm based in Prague, Czech Republic, headed by Karel Bauer, a registered patent attorney who has studied and practiced IP and patent law for several years at the international level. Having received numerous degrees and certifications from various universities and programs around Europe, including the University of Strasbourg in France, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic, Karel founded Bauer-IP, with the goal of helping non-EU citizens obtain IP and patent rights within the Europe and the Czech Republic.

Karel obtained a master diploma in nuclear physic (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague).

Karel passed the exam for Czech Patent Attorneys in 2017.

The Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), located at the University of Strasbourg in France, has awarded a diploma in Intellectual Property to Karel. CEIPI is one of the top schools for the study of Intellectual Property and works closely with the WIPO.

Furthermore, Karel attended several WIPO courses related to intellectual property, patents, patent application drafting, patent information search, trademarks and designs.

Karel also attanded Maastricht University where he obtained certificates in following courses: EQE pre exam, EQE ABCD (Patent Application Drafting, Response to Office Action, Opposition, Legal tasks and Freedom to Operate).

Since 2022, Karel is a European Patent Attorney (EQE)

European (EQE) and Czech Patent and Trademark Attorney

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