Drafting a Patent Application

We can draft and prosecute a Patent or Utility Model Application, including drafting a Patent Specification (Description, Claims and Drawings).

We specialize in the technical field: – physics , – mathematics and – informatics – the so-called computer-implemented inventions. After the previous initial complimentary consultation (free of charge), it is possible to prepare an application in another field of technology and several jurisdictions.

International Patent Application (PCT)

  • Drafting an International Patent Application
  • Subsequent filing
  • Prosecution
  • Responding to International Search
  • Requesting Search and Examination by Search/Examination Authority, such as EPO, USPTO, etc.

European Patent Application

National Patent or Utility Model Application

  • Drafting a Patent Application or Utility Model Application
  • Filing the Application before National Patent Office

Full processing of a patent application with a novelty search

  • We will provide a novelty search on the basis of the description of the invention presented by you. The description can be in written form or in visual form, i.e. photographs, technical drawings, or freehand sketches. A second option is an oral description, in which video conferencing is the preferred option. In exceptional cases, the invention may also be presented in physical form, shown in a laboratory. It is also possible to combine the above-mentioned approaches.
  • Based on the novelty search, we will determine the maximum scope of protection and provide a discussion over claims according to your business plans.
  • Based on your decision, we will fully or partly process the documents of the patent application with the claims and drawings. After the final modification and approval of the documents, we will subsequently file the application for the invention.


Processing of patent application documents without the novelty search

  • Based on the description you have submitted, which can be written, oral (video conferencing is preferred) or a demonstration of a physical product or method, we will process the documents of the patent application.
  • However, without novelty search, we do not guarantee that the proposed claims will meet the conditions for patentability.

Adjustment of the patent application documents according to your previous proposal and consultation on the scope of protection

  • Based on the written description submitted by you, we will process the documents of the patent application.
  • We will provide you with a consultation on the scope of protection with a comment on any exclusive rights.
  • We will adjust the application according to the formal ideas of the patent office.

Formal adjustment of the documents of the patent application, regardless of the scope of protection, and consultation on eligibility for protection

  • Based on your written description, we will correct the formal defects of the patent application without consulting on the scope of protection.