European Patent Attorney

A European Patent Attorney is a legal professional who is specialized in the field of intellectual property law, particularly in patents. I am qualified to represent clients before the European Patent Office (EPO) and provide expertise in all matters related to obtaining and protecting patent rights in Europe.

It’s important to note that a European Patent Attorney’s role is specific to the European patent system. Natural or legal persons not having their residence or principal place of business in a Contracting State must be represented by a professional representative, i.e. European Patent Attorney, and act through him in all proceedings established by the European Patent Convention.

My services include:

  • Patent Prosecution: I assist inventors and companies in preparing and filing patent applications with the European Patent Office. This involves drafting detailed descriptions of inventions and claims to define the scope of protection sought.

  • Patent Examination: I navigate the patent examination process, responding to any queries or objections raised by patent examiners and making arguments to secure the broadest possible protection for my clients’ inventions.

  • Patent Strategy: I advise clients on patent strategy, including whether to pursue patent protection, the potential scope of protection, and the strategic timing of filing applications.

  • Patent Portfolio Management: I help clients manage their patent portfolios, making decisions about maintaining, expanding, or abandoning patents based on changing business and technological landscapes.

  • Patent Litigation Support: In cases of patent infringement or disputes, I provide legal guidance, analysis, and support in patent litigation proceedings.

  • Due Diligence and Licensing: I assist clients in evaluating the patent landscape, conducting due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, and negotiating patent licensing agreements.

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We specialize in preparing and prosecuting patent applications across diverse technologies and sciences, serving your patent needs in Europe and beyond.

Our expertise extends to developing patent portfolio growth strategies. We collaborate closely with you to build portfolios backed by a robust infrastructure for monitoring and understanding your assets.

Anticipating the future's demands, we draft and prosecute patent applications with a forward-thinking perspective, ensuring your patents withstand scrutiny and play a pivotal role in critical transactions.

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With offices strategically positioned in Prague and proximity to the Munich Office of the European Patent Office, we offer enhanced value and quality control. Our world-class patent prosecution team spans technical fields and jurisdictions.

At Bauer-IP, our commitment extends beyond patent issuance. We defend and enforce your patent portfolio, ensuring a seamless start-to-finish experience.

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