Fees calculator for a European Patent Application Filing

The following calculator provides a basic cost estimation for filing a European Patent Application before the European Patent Office. The total fee comprises office fee (see the calculator) and professional fee for services of the professional representative before the EPO (European Patent Attorney).

The official fees are updated to 31.07.2023. Official fee schedule can be seen here.

Fees due at the Filing of a European Patent Application

Filing fee can be a subjected to a fee reduction. Search fee can be wholly or partially refunded under certain conditions.

Fees due after the publication of the European Patent Application

6 months after the publication of the European Search Report, the Examination fee 1840,- EUR and designation fee 660,- EUR are due. Examination fee may be a subjected to a reduction. Professional fee for requesting the examination is 400,- EUR. Furthermore, renewal fee becomes due.

Grant and publication fee

If the European Patent Application is prepared to be granted, Fee for grant and printing (not more than 35 pages) 1040,- EUR. Professional fee is 400,- EUR.

Legal services

Do you need to be represented by a professional representative before the European Patent Office (by the European Patent Attorney), do not hesitate to contact me.

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