Fees calculator for Entry into the European Phase of an International Application (PCT)

In respect of an international application under Article 153, the applicant shall perform the following acts within thirty-one months from the date of filing of the application or, if priority has been claimed, from the priority date and pay fees. See below the calculator for the service.

EURO-PCT Entry Calculator

EURO-PCT Entry Calculator

Under certain circumstances, search fee and/or examination fee can be refunded and/or examination fee can be reduced.

Legal services

Welcome to the leading European Patent Attorney service , the professional representative before the European Patent Office - EPO, that specializes in PCT applications! We provide comprehensive assistance for applicants looking to obtain a European patent through the European Patent Office. Whether you require the European Patent Office as a designated Office or elected Office, our team of experienced attorneys ensures a smooth and efficient process for your patent application.

1. Designed and Elected Office Services: As a designated Office for any State party to the Convention in respect of which the PCT is in force, we facilitate your European patent application process. If you've already elected a State designated under our services, we will act as an elected Office, streamlining the procedure further.

2. Equivalence to a Regular European Application (Euro-PCT application): With our assistance, your international application, once accorded an international date of filing, seamlessly transforms into a Euro-PCT application, equivalent to a regular European patent application. This efficient conversion saves time and resources while ensuring your application remains on track.

3. Simplified Publication Process: Our expertise allows your Euro-PCT application to be published in an official language of the European Patent Office. This publication effectively replaces the need for separate European patent application publication, saving you from any redundant procedures.

4. Translation Services: In cases where your Euro-PCT application is published in a language other than an official language of the European Patent Office, our team will efficiently handle the translation process. This translation will be filed with the European Patent Office and published, ensuring compliance and providing you with provisional protection as per Article 67.

5. Reply to the Supplementary European Search Report (Optional): For enhanced support, we can arrange a reply to the (supplementary) European search report for your Euro-PCT application under. However, based on specific scenarios and decisions by the Administrative Council, this step may be dispensed with or the search fee reduced.

At Bauer-ip, we are committed to providing exceptional European Patent Attorney services for PCT applications. Our team's expertise ensures a seamless journey, whether your international application requires the European Patent Office as a designated or elected Office. Let us guide you through the process and secure your European patent effortlessly. Contact us today to begin your patenting journey with confidence.