Search and Monitoring

Bauer-IP can provide the following services in the field of patent searches:

Novelty Search

  • The novelty search is suitable for an entity seeking protection for a patent, utility model, industrial design or trademark.
  • The search should be performed when one is interested in verifying their new idea (invention, design or even designation).
  • This search involves the discovery of the closest state of the art, i.e. a solution that is as close as possible to your idea, or even identical.
  • Based on the results of this search, Bauer-ip can provide an analysis of success in obtaining exclusive rights (patent, utility model, industrial design, trademark).

State of the art search/ Patent landscape report

  • Search suitable for investors and start-ups.
  • The search is performed in case of interest in patent activity of a particular field of technology.
  • Within the search, it is possible to reveal the latest trends in the defined field of technology, or determine the direction of future development.

Freedom to Operate

  • The freedom to operate search is suitable for both well-established and start-up companies and investors who intend to launch a new product on the market or intend to enter new markets.
  • The search is performed in case of interest in patent activities of third parties (competitors who are trying to exclude you from the market).
  • As part of the freedom to operate search, Bauer-ip will compare your product with the claims, analyze the scope of protection and provide a legal opinion on whether the product falls within the scope of protection of a competing patent, utility model, industrial design.

Search for violations of industrial property rights

  • The search for violations of IP rights is suitable for legal or natural entities interested in unauthorized uses of industrial property.
  • Based on the claims, Bauer-ip will provide the most likely infringers.