Navigating the European Patent System can be a daunting task for US citizens and companies venturing into the European market. Our tailored European patent attorney services cater specifically to the needs of foreigner, such as US-based clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from European patent filing to European patent grant.

European patent prosecution made easy

Drafting and filing a European patent application

Our expert team, including seasoned European patent attorney,
crafts and submits patent applications that align with the stringent requirements of the European Patent Convention (EPC), encompassing 
comprehensive descriptions, claims, and abstracts of your invention.

Responding to communications from the European Patent Office (EPO) during the examination process

Throughout the examination phase, the EPO
may issue various communications necessitating timely responses. We adeptly prepare and submit responses on your behalf to ensure your application 
progresses smoothly.


Representation in oral proceedings before the EPO

In the event of oral hearings, our seasoned
professionals stand by your side, representing your interests before the EPO with precision and proficiency.

Appeal filing against EPO decisions

Disagree with a decision from the EPO?
We’ve got you covered. Our team prepares and lodges appeals to safeguard your patent rights effectively.

Limitation or revocation requests for granted European

Should you seek to modify or revoke a granted European patent, we facilitate the necessary requests with the EPO, ensuring your intellectual property remains in line with your strategic goals.

Granting procedure support

Validation of granted European Patents in designated countries

Once your European patent is granted, our services extend to assisting you in validating it across desired countries, ensuring comprehensive protection in your target markets.

Ongoing monitoring of granted European Patents

We continuously monitor the status of your granted patents in designated countries through the European patent register, offering proactive advice on maintenance to uphold your patent portfolio’s integrity.

In essence, our European Patent Prosecution services serve as a gateway for US citizens, companies, and startups to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of the European patent environment, protect their innovations and strengthen their competitive advantage on the global stage.

Cost estimation for direct European or EURO-PCT patent application

Direct Filing of a European Patent Application

Official fee: From 1655,- EUR (possible discount)

Professional fee from 1000,- EUR

EURO-PCT patent application

Professional fee from 1250,- EUR

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