Utility Models

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process of registering utility models, from initial application to final registration.

Bauer-IP assists in ensuring that the utility model application meets all the requirements for registration, including novelty and inventiveness. We can also help with the formalities and technical evaluations required for registration. It provide legal advice on how to protect a technical solution and ensure that it is not infringed upon by others.

The patent attorneys are drafting and filing the application, as well as responding to any objections or challenges that may arise during the registration process.

Utility models are short term IP rights. Examination and grant of a patent usually take several years. A utility model, on the other hand, can be entered in the Register within a few weeks after receiving the application provided the documents filed comply with the requirements of the Utility Model and the application fee has been received in due time.

Registration of Utility Models in Germany

30,- EUR Official fee + from 700,- EUR professional fee

Registration of Utility Models in the Czech Republic

50,- EUR Official fee + from 480,- EUR professional fee

What are Utility Models and How Can It Safeguard Your Innovative Solutions?

A utility model provides essential protection for novel technical solutions that extend beyond conventional expertise. It offers a safeguard for industrially applicable innovations, excluding production processes, work methods, and biological reproductive materials from its purview.

In many ways, the principles governing the right to protection through a utility model mirror those of a patent application. However, the pivotal distinction lies in the application procedure. Utility model applications adhere to a registration-based approach. Here, the Office primarily assesses compliance with the fundamental registration prerequisites, registering the utility models without delving into the scrutiny of novelty or creative sophistication in the subject matter.

Assistance by a Patent Attorney

Karel Bauer, a founder of Bauer-IP, is a skilled and experienced patent attorney. Bauer-IP is helping clients in protection of creation of technical character. 


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