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About us

Bauer-IP is a law firm based in Prague, Czech Republic, headed by Karel Bauer, a registered patent attorney who has studied and practiced IP and patent law for several years at the international level. Having received numerous degrees and certifications from various universities and programs around Europe, including the University of Strasbourg in France, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic, Karel founded Bauer-IP, with the goal of helping non-EU citizens obtain IP and patent rights within the Europe and the Czech Republic. 

Karel has passed the exam for Czech Patent Attorneys in 2017.

Karel obtained a master diploma in nuclear physic (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague) and has also received certificates in IPR. 

The Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), located at the University of Strasbourg in France, has awarded a diploma in Intellectual Property to Karel. CEIPI is one of the top schools for the study of Intellectual Property and works closely with the WIPO.

Furthermore, Karel attended several WIPO courses related to intellectual property, patents, patent application drafting, patent information search, trademarks and designs.

Karel also attended Maastricht University where he obtained certificates in following courses: EQE pre exam, EQE ABCD (Patent Application Drafting, Response to Office Action, Opposition, Legal tasks and Freedom to Operate).

Since 2022, Karel is a European Patent Attorney (EQE).

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Authorization to Practice IP Law

Bauer-IP is authorized to represent clients in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office and in court proceedings in industrial property matters pursuant to the provisions of § 2 of the Act. No. 417/2004 Coll., the provisions of § 25b and § 137 paragraph 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure and § 2 of Act No. 417/2004 Coll., on Patent Attorneys, and the provisions of Section 35 Paragraph 2 of Act. No 150/2002, the Code of Administrative Procedure.

In addition, Bauer-IP is able to represent clients in matters of international applications according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Hague protocol (Designs) and Madrid protocol (International registration of trademarks) as established by the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO.

Bauer-IP can also represent clients before European Union Intellectual Property Office in matters of industrial designs and trademarks.

Bauer-IP offer a professional representation before the European Patent Office.

Collaborating Partners 

Bauer-IP has collaborated with the well-known global filing firm IP-Coster which operates in nearly every country in the world. 


Chamber of Czech Patent Attorneys

EUIPO professional representative

European Patent Institute