European Trademark Cancellation

  • Conducting a preliminary assessment of European Trademark Cancellation;
  • Preparing and filing the application for European Trademark Cancellation with the EUIPO;
  • Representation by European Trademark Attorney;
  • Submitting observations, evidence, and arguments in support of your case;
  • Monitoring the progress and status of revocation proceedings;
  • Advising you on the possible outcomes and strategies.

European Trademark Cancellation can have serious consequences for your business and reputation. That is why you need to protect and maintain your rights by using your trademark properly and effectively. We are a team of experienced and qualified European Trademark Attorneys. The professional representatives can help you with all aspects of European trademark law.

Are you worried about losing your European trademark rights by the European Trademark Cancellation? If you own an EU trademark, you need to be aware of the situations that can lead to the revocation of your rights by the Office or by a court. We will help you in European trademark revocation (cancellation or invalidation) and how to avoid them.

Use the European Trademark

One of the most common reasons for revoking a European Trademark is the lack of genuine use. If you do not use it in the Union for a continuous period of five years, it may be lost. Therefore, the trademark must be used in relation to the registered goods or services.

However, there is a grace period that allows starting or resumin European Trademark Cancellation after the five-year period has expired. The grace period lasts until someone files an application or a counterclaim for revocation against the European Trademark.

Don’t let the trademark become generic

Another reason for European Trademark Cancellation is when it becomes the common name for a product or service that it is registered for. This can happen if European Trademark is not used properly, or trademark proprietor does not enforce the trademark rights.

It is recommended to use appropriate symbols, such as ® or ™, to indicate that it is a registered European Trademark. Moreover, you have to monitor the market and take action against any unauthorized or improper use of European Trademark by third parties.

Trademark Invalidity

European Trademark is a sign that distinguishes goods or services from those of other businesses. It gives exclusive rights to use, exploit, and defend the European Trademark in all 27 Member States of the European Union.

Registration must be valid and enforceable. Otherwise, European Trademark can be declared invalid by the Office or by a court.

Help of European Trademark Attorney

Karel Bauer, the founder of Bauer-IP, is a professional representative at EUIPO. He helps you to revoke competitor’s European Trademark or defend client’s European Trademark.

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