European Trademark Registration

  • All inclusive European Trademark Registration
  • Filing a European trademark application
  • Representation at EUIPO
  • Drafting and prosecuting a trademark application 
  • Availability search and opinion before the filing
  • Monitoring of the registered trademark
  • Renewal of the European trademark

Registered European Trademark Attorney services

European Trademark Registration

Full services recommended for non-professionals

  • Availability search and opinion on likelihood of confusion
  • Advices in Trademark Law
  • Draft of Goods and Services + classification
  • Filing a Trademark Application by a European Attorney
  • Responses to all formality Office Actions and first substantive Office Action fee of charge
  • Delivering online certificate
  • Trademark collision monitoring for 1 year after registration

1000 EUR
professional fee

European Trademark Registration

Advanced services – suitable for managers or lawyers

  • Goods and Services classification
  • Filing a Trademark Application by a European Attorney
  • Responses to formality Office Actions
  • Delivering online certificate

500 EUR
professional fee

European Trademark Registration

Basic services for foreigner attorneys or lawyers

  • Filing a Trademark Application by a European Trademark Attorney
  • Delivering online certificate

250 EUR
professional fee

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Term of protection for Trademark

A European trademark registration may be renewed indefinitely. However, the trademark will be cancelled if the renewal fee is not paid after a respective ten-year period. Trademark can be also cancelled if the proprietor or licensee does not use the trademark for more then 5 years.

Therefore, for successful registration, one need to know representation of the trademark (word, logo, sound or video file). Furthermore, the applicant must provide list of goods and/or services for which the protection is sought. The list must be divided into 45 classes according to Nice classification.

Costs of the EUIPO Trademark

For obtaining a date of filing (priority), filing fee must be paid. The filing fee and any additional fee depends on the number of classes indicated. The basic application filing fee is 850 EUR for one class. Class fees of 50 EUR are due for each additional class. Some trademarks include figurative elements or consist exclusively of images. These are categorised separately in the „Vienna Classification“.

Trademark Search and Availability

Before filing, one should conduct a search for availability. Thus, one avoids potential opposition or invalidation of your trademark.

European trademark registration searches are also important after the registration. For instance, after registration of your trademark, you should regularly carry out searches for new registrations of other trademarks to be able to act against identical or similar trademarks on the basis of your earlier trademark, thus defending your trademark.

Similarly, EUIPO does not check any earlier registered or pending application for trademarks. If you own a registered trademark, you should also watch it and defend it.

European trademark registration proceeding

Complying with formal requirements makes processing faster.

First, EUIPO is checking formality examination that all required data, for example, applicant, trademark and the list of goods and services have been received. However, processing of the trademark application only starts after full payment of fee for the application.

Then, EUIPO examines whether the trademark applied for could be excluded from registration because of absolute grounds for refusal. In particular, all words that merely describe the goods or services (for example, “program” for personal computers) are regarded as a criterion for exclusion, based on which a trademark cannot be registered.

If the application complies with the legal requirements and if there are no grounds for refusal, EUIPO publishes the trademark. Since the date of publication, 3 months period applies for filing an opposition, e.g. based on earlier trademark right(s). Official fee for filing the opposition is 320 EUR.

Trademark Monitoring after Registration

Do you know that the office does not check during the application procedure whether earlier trademarks or rights to signs of third parties conflict with the registration. The European trademark registration might have to be cancelled in the case of opposition or invalidity proceedings based on earlier rights.

Duration of protection and renewal of a Trademark

In conclusion, the duration of protection of a trademark registered ends on the expiry of the day which corresponds in designation or number to the filing day (e.g. application of 17 January 2019 – end of protection on 17 January 2029). You can renew trademark protection for further periods of ten years. The renewal will take effect on the day following the expiry of the duration of protection. For an overall renewal of your European trademark registration it is sufficient to pay the renewal fees.

Keeping your registration alive

The renewal fees may be paid six months before the due date at the earliest. If the renewal fees are not paid or if the payment is insufficient, the European trademark registration right will lapse.