Freedom to operate Opinion

We help our clients with the freedom to operate by conducting a thorough search of existing patents and patent applications to identify any potential infringement risks. We develop strategies to mitigate these risks and provide legal advice on how to proceed with your product development.

Why Consider a Freedom to Operate Search?

Our Freedom to Operate search is essential for companies and investors with ambitions to introduce new products or expand into new markets. This search is your shield against potential patent-related hurdles created by competitors seeking to hinder your market presence.


What We Offer

Bauer-ip conducts an exhaustive analysis, comparing your product with existing claims and meticulously assessing the scope of protection. We provide a legal opinion on whether your product falls within the boundaries of protection defined by competing patents, utility models, or industrial designs.


Search for Violations of Industrial Property Rights

Protecting your intellectual property is paramount. If you suspect unauthorized use of your industrial property rights, our Search for Violations of IP Rights service is your ally.

Why Opt for IP Rights Violation Search?

This search is a strategic choice for both individuals and entities concerned about potential infringements on their industrial property rights. Bauer-ip is equipped to identify the most likely infringers based on patent claims and provide you with actionable insights.

At Bauer-ip, we’re committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring you navigate the complex world of intellectual property with confidence. Partner with us today for Freedom to Operate and IP Rights Violation searches that empower your decisions and protect your innovations.


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