German Patent

  • Drafting a patent application
  • Requesting grant of a German Patent
  • Filing a national patent application
  • Replying to Office Actions
  • Representation before DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office)
  • Patent Attorney services
  • Patent and/or Utility model registration

Patent Attorney (agent) services in Germany

We are directly filing and representing the clients before DPMA in Munich.

We are your reliable partner in intellectual property – legal matters, whether you approach us as a private individual or on behalf of your company.

We are internationally active firm with the knowledge of patent, utility model and trademark prosecution in Europe, Germany, Luxembourg, and many others. We are serving our international clients from all around the word, in particular USA and Asian countries.

Office is located close to Munich.

Patent Filing In Germany

We can file and prosecute a patent or a utility model application at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) in Munich.

Formalities, filing and prosecution are done by us – no further hidden costs. We can monitor your due dates and renewal of the patent /utility model.

Registration of the utility model does not contain any further costs. We will deliver a certificate of registration online.

Filing national patent application

From 40,- EUR Official fee + 800,- EUR Professional fee

Examination and Grant proceeding of a patent in Germany

Filing a patent application

By filing a patent application and paying the application fee, the application is examined for compliance with formal requirements.The patent attorney in Germany ensures that the application is ready for formal examination and the fees are paid in due time and with the correct office., DPMA. It will also be checked whether the application is patentable, i.e. whether the subject matter of the patent claims has a technical character. 

Request for patent examination

The applicant is provided with 7 years for requesting the examination, calculated from the date of filing.

Renewal of the application

From the third year after filing, annual renewal fees must be paid to maintain your application in force.

Replying to Office Action

A patent examiner will determine the state of the art relevant for an invention and examine whether a patent can be granted against this background after requesting the examination. Sometimes, the application is not ready for grant and must be amended. The patent attorney will provide necessary changes in the application and/or provide argumentation for the patentability of the invention.


If the result of the examination is positive, a patent will be granted. We will secure that post-grant monitoring of the German patent to keep your intellectual property rights in force.


Are you interested in our services in the field of European, international or national patent, trademark, utility model, design or unfair competition protection?