Patent registration in Luxembourg

  • Patent registration in Luxembourg;
  • Intellectual property law firm in Luxembourg;
  • Preparing and filing a patent application;
  • Communicating with the Luxembourg Patent Office;
  • Monitoring the progress and status of the patent application;
  • Advise on patentability; and
  • Representing by Patent Attorney.

Patent Attorney – Luxembourg

Luxembourg patent attorney prepares a patent application for Patent registration in Luxembourg. It includes specifications and provides services in patent prosecution in Luxembourg. The services include preparing:

  • all the formalities;
  • a written description of the invention;
  • claim(s); and
  • an abstract.

We are preparing the application in English. We can provide translation of the claims into German as required by law. The filing services are manged by a Patent Attorney in Luxembourg.

Filing national patent application in Luxembourg

From 40,- EUR Official fee + 500,- EUR Professional fee

Granted patents

At Bauer-IP Luxembourg, we specialize as your patent attorney in Luxembourg, expertly guiding you through patent filing and registration. Our expertise in patent filing positions us as a leading authority in Europe, catering to both local and international clientele with our comprehensive range of IP solutions.

Nestled at the heart of Europe, our team of multilingual European patent and trademark attorneys excels in managing client requests.

Karel Bauer, the founder of Bauer-IP, represents the client directly. Bauer-IP is an Intellectual property law firm in Luxembourg. 

Patent Application

EUR 500 professional fee
  • Preparing the request for grant
  • Filing the patent application
  • Request for search
  • Earlier publication

Intellectual property law firm in Luxembourg

Our commitment to client care is unwavering, with a focus on fostering lasting relationships through personalized service. As a Luxembourg patent attorney, we offer the advantage of accessing the extensive resources and expertise of the Bauer-IP. This ensures that our clients benefit from a holistic approach to patent filing, registration, and a full spectrum of intellectual property services, underpinned by our long-standing reputation and dedication to excellence. This is provided by an Intellectual property law firm in Luxembourg.

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