Patent Protection in Luxembourg

Draft and File a Luxembourg Patent Application by Registered Agent

We can prepare a patent specification including:

  • a written description of the invention, which must:
    • state the title of the invention;
    • briefly specify the technical field to which the patent relates;
    • indicate the state of the art, insofar as the applicant is aware of it, if applicable using document citations;
    • describe the invention as it is characterized in the claims, if possible in the form of a solution provided to a technical problem; also state the advantages resulting from the claimed characteristics;
    • briefly describe the drawings, if there are any; and
    • provide a detailed description of at least one embodiment of the invention, including, if applicable, examples or commented references to the drawings;
  • claim(s); and
  • an abstract.

We are preparing the application in English.

We can provide translation of the claims into German as required by law

Draft and File a LU Patent Application

  • We will draft a patent specification and claims;
  • Provide needed translation; and
  • File the Patent Application with accordance with all formality requirements.

File LU Patent Application only

  • We will file LU patent application based on your patent specification.
  • Official fee 270,- EUR including search fee or 20 EUR without search. Agent fee from 985,- EUR.